Ecommerce Trends to Follow in 2013

May 17, 2013
The online world keeps changing nearly everyday. When we talk about online, it could be anything including education, entertainment or eCommerce solution. Among all these, the eCommerce world is the ever-changing one. So here we will see, the predictions for the popular eCommerce trends for this year.


Online retailers are now going for local e-commerce websites. Going local does not refer only to offer the website in various languages, instead it refers to a entirely localized user experience. Therefore, the users will see more online stores based on localized design aesthetics including the use of local color tastes, local languages, local offers and of course local products and services.We may also see more intelligent algorithms that could predict which products or services may attract a person on the basis of advanced segmentation and user profile.

Enhanced Online Security

These days, more and more consumers are switching to online payment systems like PayPal and debit or credit card transaction. As the number of online buyers will increase, the number of online financial transactions will also increase eventually. So the online retailers will garner more trust and reliability in their stores, by using one-page payment methods.The retailers may also introduce new safer payment modes or just improve the existing ones. It is also assumed that there will be an increase in the number of online stores offering discount coupons to increase sales. These stores will also be adding online payment as an option for buying the merchandise.

Interactive product display

All the products cannot be judged by mere images. Sometimes these images could leave the customer confused. So in the coming days, product demonstration videos will offer a clear description of the product, to the confused customers.

Website content to rule

High quality and exclusive content will be the ruling factor in most of the eCommerce websites. In 2013, vendors will spend more time and effort for implementing exclusive content into their business strategies, with a focus on quality instead of quantity. As per experts, vendors will find scalable ways to produce quality content that can fuel their marketing strategies.This year, the online store owners will be hiring skilled teams to develop high quality, SEO friendly content that could offer a better user experience. Some may even outsource their content related requirements to other companies.

Focus on mobile

These days most of the people use mobile devices for nearly every task, even when it is about online shopping. This is the reason for the popularity of the responsive web design. So the retailers will focus on designing websites that would fit the smaller screen size as well. Also the online merchants will create better and customized mobile apps.All these trends pose a positive impact for both the retailers and customers. The retailers will gain more profits while the customers will get the ease of shopping....

Zen Cart – Innovation of Store Managers and Expert Dev

Jul 04, 2009
Setting up an online store has become very common and trouble-free process! Online businessmen deem in the custom Zen cart development with the help of proficient Zen cart developers from professional ecommerce solution providers. A professional Zen cart development company provides services like Zen cart development, Zen cart modules development, Zen cart template development, etc.Merchant can enjoy twofold benefit such as complete feature rich online store management system and second easy & economical access of this system from the list of open source content management systems. From the series of store management system Zen cart online store management system is well-known as it is based on PHP programming.A smart online merchant always seek for the less investment options of making more money using elegant online techniques and on the other hand this online mart is also provides simple & sophisticated ways of selling & buying online. Now, Zen cart can be used the way online merchant want to use, such as according to its purpose.According to industry experts Zen cart is the best key for doing eCommerce as it is available free under GNU license, user-friendly open source shopping cart system which is designed by many brainy & experienced merchants, online shop owners, programmers, and designers.All this pool of talented experts believes in doing the eCommerce activities in the different way. This approach of development results in product called Zen cart which can be easily installed by anyone not required any hard technical IT knowledge.It is based on PHP language and uses my SQL database and HTML components, following are few features that help online merchants to reap up maximum profits and better management & control for their online stores:
  1. It is global E-Commerce ready system as it supports multiple languages, multiple tax support, multiple shipping methods, multiple currency support and multiple payment methods
  2. It allows phpBB integration through external module
  3. Provides multiple shopping modes for customers.
  4. Helps sellers in retention of customers as it provides various customer retention tools
  5. Provides multiple sales promotion options.
  6. It provides powerful administrative control to sellers
Features provided by Zen cart are equally helpful for the store owners as well as their customers. There are number of customer oriented features provided which helps them to experience smooth & error-free eCommerce activities. Zen Cart delivers ultimate simple way of doing online shopping with its 3 step checkout process after adding all the selected products in shopping cart.Zen cart is the product developed under jurisdiction of ultimate real users like merchants, developers, designers shop owners, etc. Power of community makes this product a real effective solution for online store management & control and complete online shopping solution for the potential online customers....

Professional Handling of Irregular Data

In the web world websites store their information or data in databases and to maintain this critical information or data there should be appropriate database designs for the proper management and storage. As internet is crowded with thousands of websites, some of them are light websites, which contains fewer amounts of data and some of them are with heavy database.Database is the place where information or data can be stored and accessed for web applications and desktop applications. Most of the business entities on the web like custom database design/development and for the robust database application development, the professional database designers/developers are available on the web.What is database? Storing the information is one of the critical works in the world of computers and Databases are the place where information can be stored in the structured form. According to Wikipedia A database is a structured collection of records or data which is stored in a computer system. Structures in which data is stored can be achieved by organizing the data according to database model.Why database design is required? For using the data or information for the different purposes, converting the information in the usable form is very necessary and needs to be designed for optimum utilization; usually databases are designed for storing, managing and retrieving the information.Organizing the data or information is critical and simplest method which is used universally in storing the data into tabular forms. It is very easy for those who are familiar to Microsoft excel as it is popular for tabular presentations and storage of data.Database design & development is critical if not done correctly because it is only database which is responsible for management of data in the organized way of tables. Understanding the significance of database management one should have complete knowledge or he/she should get done this by taking help of professionals. Professional treatment to critical work is necessary for the further productive results.There are two kinds of databases which can be seen commonly such as one which is large in size and used for the web or internet and another one is used for intranet which is small in size. Professional web development companies provide Database Design & Development services to their clients in which they simplify the data for the optimum utilization of database.Process followed by professional companies: Database Design & Development Company provides professional treatment to irregular databases such as normalizing the database, providing security to database and providing keys to mage database is the main motive of every professional company.For normalization of database professionals do it in the three forms like first normal form, second normal form and third normal form. For providing the security to enterprise & desktop databases they perform various practical techniques. Lastly, for the management of databases stored in rows & columns professional provides some database keys.It is far much better decision to avail professional services from any reputed Database Design & Development company which also provides various other beneficial services like Database integration and conversion, Database design, Database maintenance and support, etc....

Mechanism of eCommerce in Industry

Internet is most interactive platform of world, where millions of people interacts with each other to fulfill their respective different motives. eCommerce is certified name of selling & buying online and doing commercial activities, and it is new era of business in modern world.Traditional businesses from numerous industries are making presentations of product & services via eCommerce websites to sell more and to customers which are out of physical reach on the globe. Online exposure is very essential in this new age of modern market but more importantly a professional approach towards customers.It is new challenge, for those business companies which have just entered in online markets because they have to face millions of customers around the world with different & specific demands. Rapid growth in information & technology has changed the global business environment, nowadays customers are using hi-tech gadgets in day to day life and they demand for fast and error-free process of business.For taking liability of eCommerce there are some basics, for instance before introducing any business to online market for making sale of products, one has to arrange for domain registration, website hosting, website construction, shopping cart software and merchant accounts. In such a competitive and hi-tech global business environment, companies need to be perfect in online selling for the modern buyers.For the quality eCommerce solutions in the form of eCommerce website development, web development companies are rendering standard services according to the need of business. Standard eCommerce website consists of several features that help the buyer as well as his customers for the smooth commercial transactions between them.Web development companies make all necessary arrangements included in eCommerce solutions, from domain registration to website design & development. A well functional shopping cart and error-free payment system is the key factor for the success of any online business through a website. Shopping cart enables the customers to select products according to choice, quantity and tracking of shopping basket.Payment gateways allow receiving payments, after safe & secure payment receiving, shipping of goods to customer is another feature of eCommerce website. Good eCommerce website integrates the shipping process to provide customers standard way of keeping track of the every step in the shipping of goods.eCommerce solutions, from web development service providers for the (B2B) business to business and (B2C) business to customer processes in the customized manner at global level have given new avenues to buyers & sellers of experiencing easy & safe shopping....