Top 5 Most Popular Facebook Games to Get Connected

Oct 17, 2013
Today, people get connected easily through online social communities. These social networks bring out a bundle of new ways to get connected and share a lot of common things to enjoy life.Among the varied online social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular one, providing innovative medium to connect with the group. Though there are n number of apps, Facebook games surely top the rest when it is about engaging users.Facebook social games are fun to play. These games are quite addictive as the users get connected to thousands of other Facebook users, who are also playing games.If you are a great Facebook fan and want to play some of the most popular social games then here is the list of top 5 Facebook games, which are played by millions of Facebook users.

Farm Heroes Saga

It’s an interesting game full of beautiful farm lands and the mission is to protect them. Farm Heroes Saga is all about stopping main antagonist namely, “The Rancid Racoon.” These are the little animals on the quest to destroy the Happy World Farms, and it is up to you how you save the farms.The game starts with simple levels but as you advance each level, you will face more hurdles and it becomes complicated to pass higher levels. Switching and matching fruits like strawberries, carrots, pears and many others, you need to collect them in order to pass the level. It’s a good pastime when you’re really ditching your time with nothing.

Candy Crush Saga

One of the most popular Facebook games – Candy Crush Saga has over 100 million players. Like Bejewelled, Candy Crush Saga consists of a gameplay making a set of 3 candies of the same colour swapping the positions horizontally or vertically.Each level of the game starts with differently coloured candies and might contain obstacles. Candy Crush Saga is divided into levels, and each level has its own requirements. The most interesting part of this game is that for unlocking the next level, you need to take help of your Facebook friend or pay money.

Dragon City

Dragon City is an exciting game that involves a fantastic world of magical islands, where you can breed your own species of dragons. You can create your own dragon – whether it’s a water dragon or a fire dragon to conquer the world.The theme of the game is to breed and raise different kinds of dragons to earn gold, in order to buy food to feed more dragons and earn more. It seems simple but playing it is quite complicated. You got to complete certain quests in order to advance to the next level.

Avengers Alliance

Action filled game – Avengers Alliance portrays the entire series of Marvel Comics Universe. Being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., you are assigned the task to assemble the mightiest super humans in order to save the world.Players start up with only a few heroes as the other heroes are locked. These heroes need to be recruited first by buying them with Command Points – a currency in game. The gameplay includes turn-based fights between your heroes and enemies, with each character having unique attacks.

Kitchen Scramble

A great self-learning game if you are interested in cooking. The game takes on a world tour with your food truck where you learn multi-cuisine recipes and delight your customers. The game allows you to cook hundreds of dishes to keep your customers happy and earn high scores.Kitchen Scramble takes you to the world of recipes, where you need to prepare the real life recipes to attain a position of top chef. In order to jump to the next level, you need serve quickly to your unique customers, which earns high scores.Well, these are just five top games; there are still many interesting games that you may come across. If you are thinking to launch your own idea then why not hire a Facebook game developer, who can transform your dream into realty....