How to Exceed Customer Expectations?

Apr 19, 2017
In today’s world, customer expectations are increasing at a rapid pace. More often, customer expects more than you can deliver. However, in the mobile app development industry, it is possible to manage customer expectations. Thanks to technology advancement and innovative thinking. A company's ability to provide customer support and ultimately exceed the aspirations of its clients can help it travel miles ahead of competitors.Hidden Brains, a leading web and mobile app development company shares fundamental principles to help you exceed customer expectations.Here are few principles to help you exceed customer expectations

Be Transparent

Company policies that revolve around implementing industry best practices and transparency help win customer’s trust. Trust and high business standards are cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Always maintain transparency in your business operations. Whether it is your company website, social media pages, brochures or quality policy, keep your business policies clear. Remember, transparency is the key to develop long-term relationships with clients. Ensure that your company employees practice the principle of transparency.

Understand Target Audience

This is a cardinal rule. Understand your target audience and always keep their needs in minds when developing a mobile application. Conduct research about your target audience and try to incorporate features in your mobile application that would help your end users. Your app’s success depends on user satisfaction.

Leverage Social Media

The dawn of social media has helped many organizations and businesses become customer friendly. Social media breaks the barriers related to time and geographic location. You can be in touch with your customer 24/7. It boils down to being social with your customers and reply to their concerns in a matter of seconds. Social media is not just about promoting your content, rather about getting feedback about your product or service. It is important to properly use this feedback to improve the customer experience.

Use Latest Technology

When you are racing against odds to meet client expectations, it is important to invest in latest technologies. There are several tools that help aggregate request from multiple social media channels. This will help prioritize user feedback and achieve improved client experience.

Provide Clear Timelines

Bug, crashes or slowdown in performance of mobile application can be very frustrating for customers. In such cases, users feel more aggravated in case timeline provided is not clear. It is important that businesses resolve customer issues by clearly stating how long any problem will be resolved. Your customer service team should always keep lines of communication open and resolve problems as soon as possible. It is not just about resolving problem, but also follow up with clients once the ticket is closed.


Don’t just sell, but share your knowledge with users. If your mobile application is intricate and complex, it is important to send regular updates, tutorials or video demos....

Apple Music: The Revolutionary Music Streaming Service

Jun 15, 2015
Apple Music, one of the most awaited additions to iOS was announced at the WWDC15 on Monday, 8 June, 2015 along with iOS 9. This much hyped streaming music service will be available from June 30, 2015 for iTunes on OS X and Windows, iOS.Apple Music will be available on iOS devices, Mac, Apple TV and this very fact signifies its importance to Apple. Moreover, it’s coming to PC and Android too later this year; and Beats Music subscribers will eventually be part of the Apple Music ecosystem also.Apple Music: Three-in-OneThe Apple Music app is composed of 3 distinct things, which according to Apple represents the future of the music industry and can bring revolution in music as a service.It’s nothing but….iTunesApple music is nothing but iTunes-in-demand. Here you can search in the cloud and stream any song available in the huge library either from music you have purchased and also haven’t. Siri with the assistance of a powerful search engine will help you find stuff you love. You can now easily see artist pages, music videos, and unlimited recommendations of new stuff you might want to listen.It’s also a … Global Radio station.Called Beats 1, subscribers can listen to DJs in New York, LA, and London who will be streaming MUSIC to more than a hundred countries around the world. This will be anchored by Zane Lowe, who is the former BBC DJ that Apple hired earlier this year as part of its vision. Jimmy Iovine in his keynote address announced that this product will include music, interviews, etc. and will in true sense be the first global radio station.It’s nonetheless a…. Social Networkapple-music-banner-2To a great extent like MySpace, Apple Music comes with a special feature called Connect that gives new and old artists a page where they can share music, behind-the-scenes photos and video as well. This is considered by experts as basically an attempt to wrap in a single platform Instagram, MySpace, and many social network artists use.How it worksApple Music allows you to stream everything available on iTunes. It also offers many human-curated playlists as well as song and playlist recommendations. You just need to tell Apple Music what kind of music and artists you love and it will recommend you songs and playlists, similar to the iTunes Genius feature.Revolutionary Music Service – Bound by People!Apple Music, the revolutionary music service holds ‘people’ as its most vital component. Here, everything from the Beats 1 radio station to the personalized music recommendations are curated and chosen by real, live humans. Iovine does not deny the fact that Apple has a huge amount of listening data; however, it is much appreciated that people are picking your music.The app has a great UI, and looks enthralling. Not only is it full of images and video, it has lots of information on every page with social buttons just about everywhere you look. All in all, Apple’s ultimate goal is to demonstrate the music you want to hear, picked by people, and connect you with everyone from DJs to Music comes with a price tag of USD $9.99 or $14.99 for a family sharing plan. If you aren’t sure of what the Music app can bring for you, check out the free 3 months trial from Apple.Get Started with Apple MusicCome June 30, iOS users will find a new software update available on Apple Music. Just download it, and you will find the new Apple Music tab appear on the front screen of your iPhone. As you open the music tab, you'll see your downloads, categorized by albums and songs, along with tabs for other features like iTunes Radio. You’ll also find the ‘red’ music tab on the front page of the iPhone turn ‘white’.Moreover, with the new Apple Music kicking in, the computer-generated iTunes Radio will be replaced by the human programmed Beats One Radio, which is a free 24/7 service, curated radio station.ARE YOU READY FOR APPLE MUSIC?...

How Augmented Reality Can Revolutionize the Retail Industry?

Jun 12, 2015
Augmented Reality Logo
Disruptive technology, smart devices and wearables have blurred the barriers between the physical and digital world. Businesses across the globe are now embracing the power of digital technologies to connect with customer. Due to the rapid proliferation of social networking and mobile applications, customers now have access to information. This non-stop access to information is playing an important role in shaping the expectations of today’s savvy customer from products and services.The impact of technology is most evident in the retail industry. Retailers are now using innovative technology such as augmented reality to drive user engagement level, improve conversion rates and drive bottom-line results.Augmented Reality: Conquering New Digital FrontierThis technology is now a buzzword in the retail industry to entice shoppers.Some of the world’s largest retailers are now using augmented reality (AR) to reach omni-channel shopper with the ultimate goal to provide a seamless experience across different channels. Retailers are now utilizing AR to let shoppers compare and purchase products in an engaging way and bridge the digital are advantages of using augmented reality in the retail world:Cost-savings: Create virtual stores, anytime, anywhereAR today is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand a business and transcend geographical barriers without incurring business overheads such as real estate or additional manpower. This technology lets shoppers just walk through virtual aisles and tap on device screens to shop.Yihaodian, a leading Chinese e-commerce grocer, launched 1,000 virtual stores out of nowhere in empty spaces across different cities of China. These augmented reality supermarkets allowed customers to walk around in the virtual stores and order 1,000 different products. These products were later delivered right to customer’s doorstep.Product Sampling: Trying merchandise virtuallyAugmented reality app can allow customers to try out several different variations of product eliminating the need of having all styles and sizes on display/stock. It can minimize returns and the risk of products being damaged in the fitting room.Entice, Involve and Trigger Action: Increase User Engagement LevelAugmented reality could be used to trigger imagination and entice customers to try out your products. Toy company LEGO used augmented reality to help user understand features in a playful manner. With the help of augmented reality in-store customers can watch a LEGO model come to shape in 3D by simply holding LEGO box against a flat screen kiosk.  This enabled user to see the final product.
augmented-reality-wearables Image Courtesy:
Improve Brand Loyalty: Customer is king Augmented reality is not all about gimmicks or driving sales. It is perhaps the best way to simplify and explain the most complex functional aspect of products. Several businesses are helping customers understand how to use, install products or solve glitches at home.IKEA Success Story: Getting Augmented Reality RightIKEA has managed to leverage augmented reality by combining the best of print and digital content.IKEA catalog app. used image-recognition technology that identified digital layer on the top of print catalog. Users simply need to scan catalog pages with a plus sign using their smart devices. This will let users see how to assemble products or place virtual furniture in their homes to determine if the furniture meets their needs.Result: IKEA catalog app quickly became one of the most downloaded branded apps in the world. Most importantly, IKEA catalog application revolutionized shopping like never before for its customers.A Caveat: Before you jump into the AR bandwagon, it is important to have your fundamentals in place. Remember, augmented reality is a part of a larger business strategy to improve customer experience. It will fall flat as a standalone method.FinallyAugmented reality is an emerging technology in nascent stage with very few industry standards. This affords retailers the opportunity to push limits and develop custom AR solutions that are purpose-driven and unique. It can improve brand awareness and customer engagement in an exciting way. If used correctly, it can deliver value to retailers. Always, keep user experience as the focal point of the augmented reality development cycle....

How to Improve your Business ROI with iBeacon Apps

Jun 11, 2015
iBeacon is the one of the newest offering from Apple Inc. for the micro-location technology in mobile application development. In this article, we discuss the Bluetooth-powered location system that could shake up retail, travel, m-commerce and more….What is iBeaconiBeacon as Apple's implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology is harnessed to create a different way of offering location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS devices.Now, even though an Apple iPad can both emit and receive an iBeacon signal, Apple doesn't make the beacons itself. In fact, these come from third-party manufacturers like Estimote, Qualcomm, BlueSense, BlueCats, Gelo, to name a few. To ensure compatible with iOS devices, Apple has announced the need for manufacturers to have a license for building beacons for iOS products under the MFi Program.How it WorksAs a technology that extends Location Services in iOS, iBeacon picks up signals beamed from any iOS device that supports sharing data using Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Your device can alert apps when you approach or leave a location with an iBeacon. Not only can it help you in monitoring location, an iBeacon app can even help you estimate your proximity to an iBeacon.ibeacon-how-it-worksAs such, BLE communication consists primarily of advertisements or small packets of data that is transmitted at a regular interval by Beacons or other BLE enabled devices via radio waves. Furthermore, beacons that want to be “found” can broadcast, or “advertise” self-contained packets of data in set intervals – much beneficial in retail industry.However, whether you'll pick up a signal from a beacon will also vary - since walls, doors, and other physical objects shorten signal range. Moreover, Apple has noted that signals are also affected by water, indicating that the human body itself will affect the signals.Real World Implementations of iBeaconAlthough iBeacon arrived with iOS7 i.e. it is compatible with iPhone 4S or later, iPad (third generation and onwards) iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation or later); the same BLE technology is also compatible with Android 4.3 and above. But has this really empowered users to implement the technology in the real world?Well, besides Apple testing the impact of the technology since December, 2014 in its US retail stores, innovation enthusiast entity like Virgin Atlantic has also been conducting iBeacon implementation at Heathrow airport for passenger security validation; retail giant Tesco has been testing it in a London store with retailers.real-world-implementation-ibeacon iBeacon for RetailTalk of iBeacon applications, and the first app ideas that went up for real world implementation are related to in-store retail and offline payments. One of the primary reasons why retail businesses or industry at large are moving towards iBeacon app development is its simplicity to provide customers with product information, promote sales or deals, while speeding up the checkout process with a completely contactless payments system.iBeacon for TraveliBeacon app development can have a significant impact in the travel industry as small and low-cost beacons can be used by travel brands to communicate with consumers on their Beacon-enabled app installed smartphones while they are physically present at locations such as hotels or airports.iBeacon for HospitalitySimilarly for hospitality industry, iBeacon apps can be implemented in hotels. Beacons can be strategically placed on locations around the property, and as they beam low energy Bluetooth signal, the customer will receive an alert for a special offer, or request and collect data from the app – courtesy the ‘information push notification’ issued by the signal.iBeacon for Mobile PaymentsThis is another sphere where the iBeacon technology can make way for revolutionizing mCommerce. There are speculation of bringing together iBeacon and Passbook, as this allows you to send a coupon while in a store and buy something without even interacting with a staff member. As of now, PayPal is creating its own PayPal Beacon technology that will empower shoppers to 'check-in' and pay for products from the PayPal account on their mobile devices.SYNOPSIS - How iBeacon app Development can help your BusinessiBeacon app development can bring about a paradigm shift in the way your business/brand communicate with your customers. Be the first mover in the industry and see your iBeacon app development initiatives boost your business ROI in the next few years.Get in touch with our experts for more information on iBeacon app development.About Author: Vikas Mishra is Executive Director – Marketing at Hidden Brains InfoTech, a leading mobile, web and software development company. Vikas leverages digital technologies to drive competitive advantage and improve bottom-line results for clients. He is passionate about engaging with customer in the new connected world. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn....

Hospital Management System: Transcending Healthcare to the N

May 26, 2015
Primary healthcare is one of the fundamental priorities of any nation and the right of every citizen in the world. The word ‘healthcare’ as such immediately connects us to two prominent words – Doctors/Physicians and Hospitals. Hospitals are the connecting platform where a person’s healthcare requirements can be catered to; however, in most hospitals or Healthcare facilities, patients seem to suffer due to poor hospital management.This calls for hospitals and healthcare providers operating private clinics to imbibe Hospital Management System into their business process that will not only help improving the quality of clinical care, but also save many lives.What is a Hospital Management System?Hospital Management System is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing. Hospital Management System enables big hospitals as well as smaller healthcare centers to improve its effectiveness and quality of work. In fact, managing the key processes and the entire system is critical to the success of a hospital’s ability to cater to maximum patients - seamlessly and effectively.Why do hospitals need such Hospital Management System?With increasing healthcare costs in the recent times, there is a requirement to manage the information that health professionals need. Not only do Hospital need a strong and efficient management team; with lot of decision making at each and every step along with precision of the implementation of the managerial process, traditional processes of hospital management can be very critical and tedious.This calls for the need to have a proper system that has the ability to manage everything all by itself. The processes can be automated and digitized and ensure highly accurate flow of information. Such systems can help to make your workflow easier and convenient. One of the prime purposes of Hospital Management System is to make hospital management easy and paperless.Hospital Information Management System – Revolutionizing HealthcareHospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a revolutionary Product from Hidden Brain Product development team. An error-free hospital information management software, HIMS requires less human resources, very little time to access patient details requirement and thereby a great cost management tool.Designed for small, mid and large hospitals, clinics, individual doctors and Multi-specialty Hospital to assist them, this software helps take effective decisions for patient care, hospital management and administration. Feature-rich HIMS covers all the aspects of hospital management and helps the doctors and staff members manage and administrate a hospital or clinic efficiently and effectively.HIMS Features BannerTakeawaysHospital Information Management System is a pioneering software that not only helps to manage the patient records, but also helps in various departments like employee management, administration, etc. The system can also be used in critical laboratory works.Improved Patient CareHIMS can enhance the quality of patient care by improving the timeliness and accuracy of records. It provides simplified access to patient records and other administrative information. Hospital management systems can be used by patients also to get the required information about their diseases, conditions, treatments and outcomes.Cost controlSuch software improve cost control by improving efficiency and productivity. This tool offer a functionality to assemble various types of data into usable reports. Personnel costs and inventory levels can be reduced as duplications and repetitions can be avoided.Increased SecurityHospital management systems are secured databases of administration and patient information that can be accessed by the people who require the information. For example, radiology, pathology and administrative offices can have access to the specific features and documents only.In short, hospital management systems has now become a priority for all healthcare establishments. Hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, pathology laboratories, etc. should surely think of incorporating such systems to provide better patient care and streamline the processes.Want more information on Hospital Management System or need a similar customized product for your business? Get in touch with us....

Top Features of Apple’s Reinvented MacBook

Mar 10, 2015
As expected, Apple squeezed in something besides the new timepieces – There are new MacBooks with a 12-inch Retina Laptop that’s lighter and thinner than the Apple’s previous trend-setting design.The laptop has a smaller bezel around the screen and the keyboard reaches both the edges of the base. The Taptic engine offers touch feedback on the Apple Watch that simulates the sensation of clicking. The users can now use the push harder than the usual tap. (more…)...

Top & Amazing Features of Apple Watch

Apple has made a major play for the wearables market as the new apple watch has been revealed on Monday. The technology giant will begin pre-orders on April 10th and the shipping would commence on April 24th. There are various styles for the Apple Watch available and will cost from $349 to $10,000 depending on the style of the watch. Apple lovers believe that the device will be a game changer in the marketplace.Several rich customization options are available for the watch body and the strap used. 20 different variations are available for the body size, color and the strap style. The company has separated the watch models into three different collections: The Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. All of them have 38mm and 42mm rectangular sizing options, but the finishes and materials may vary.Apple Watch:Apple WatchThis middle-ground collection of the wearable has a stainless steel case paired with a sapphire crystal protective layer, which covers the display and also provides additional scratch resistant to the watch. Stainless steel, leather bands with multiple buckles and leather loop, Milanese loop bracelet or sport band are the available options for the strap. The price of the watch differs according to the type of strap style. 38MM costs $549-$1049 and the Apple Watch steel 42MM can cost about $599-1099 depending on the type of band.Apple Watch Sport:Apple Watch SportApple Watch Sport has an anodized aluminum finish and it comes in both silver and space gray. These finishes would match closely with the existing case materials of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as they have a matte look. The display is protected by a special ion-treated durable glass. A wide range of colors for rubberized plastic sport band are available for the Apple Watch Sport.This is the most affordable option that resembles the current iPhone models. Apple has designed interchangeable custom strap system for all the watches so that the users can change out the straps easily.Apple Watch Edition:Apple Watch Gold EditionIt has a sapphire crystal to protect its screen and it comes in either rose or yellow 18-karat gold that makes it a costly piece. Exclusive strap options are available for the watch including leather bands and sports bands. The cost of the watch is over $10,000.Wondering what makes Apple watch a game changer? The watch offers unique features such as alarms, sunset/sunrise, weather, upcoming appointments, chronograph, etc. It also offers native calendar, maps and reminder integration, ability to accept meeting invites on your wrist. The users can get the notifications when to move out for the next meeting while the native maps offer turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist.The third parties are working hard to enhance and expand the functionality of the watch by providing new features. It can be expected that such apps will allow the users to call an Uber, chat on WeChat, unlock the hotel room door or view Instagram photos.Features:Apple Watch has a lot of new features as compared to the competitors. The unique features of the Apple Watch can surely supplement the iPhone. The watch will be able to download the emails as well as handle the calls and texts. Moreover, the users will get updates about the latest headlines. The new watch comes with a heart rate monitor too.Battery Life:Apple Event - Watch's BatteryRumors suggested that Apple had trouble getting the battery lifespan up to a reasonable time. Apple Watch claims to be able to handle at least 18 hours of regular usage. This, of course, would depend on how you use it.Let’s wait to see whether Apple Watch will be a hit or a flop. We assume that it would truly evolve over time!...

Everything about Apple’s USB Type-C Port

Apple announced the new MacBook today and it does the things differently in true Apple fashion. A lone USB-C port will handle the charging, data input and video out. So, how will the users recharge an iPhone and the laptop at the same time? Buy these adapters from Apple of course! (more…)...

Top 10 Smartwatches and Wearables for 2015

Mar 09, 2015
Smartwatches. Pedometers. Virtual reality headsets. Health Monitors. - They’re all a part of wearable technology that promises to change the way we communicate. Smartwatches are becoming as popular as smartphones.Here are some out of the crowd wearable devices:
Pebble Time:

Top 4 Mobile Application Monetization Strategies

Feb 03, 2015
Planning to develop a mobile app to make your business grow? There are millions of apps in the App store, and majority of them are free. How can you plan an effective app monetization strategy? Going after the revenue from the paid version of the app is of course not a good idea as it can put you at risk. If you put a price tag on your app, the users are likely to look for other alternatives that are available for free.Free apps are likely to have more installs, but one needs to be smart enough to monetize the app. Here are some common models for planning effective app monetization strategies:1. In-app advertising: In the app, mobile ads appear because they allow the app owners monetize the app without asking the users directly. You would be able to create a stable and large user base and this would also help you gather relevant information about the users. As the app would be completely free, you can easily find new customers and retain the existing ones.Ads are surely a smart choice when placed in the apps because they do not distract the users from the user experience. In-app advertising should be done in a highly-targeted and personalized way to keep the users attracted to the latest offers. Make sure that you don’t overrun your native app value. This model can help you collect preference data about the users.2. Freemium: A freemium app is offered for free. The users can get access to the basic functionality and users, but if they want to access all the features, they would have to pay the charges. The main aim of the app is to accumulate and engage the app users until they get ready to pay for accessing the additional in-app tools.3. In-app purchases: This model focuses on converting your app into a sales channel. It can help you make considerate amount of profits without any risks. One can sell virtual goods like in-game currency or extra lives. Most of the dating apps such this model wherein the app allows the users to browse through the profiles and chat with the other members, but if you want to enhance your visibility and interact with more people, you can use the credits. Retail or services apps can have such a functionality.4. Sponsorships: Sponsorships are the newest ways for app monetization. You can partner with the advertisers who offer rewards to your users when they complete certain actions within your app. On the other hand, your app can earn money by taking a share of the revenue for the redeemed rewards. This model can be incorporated in almost any vertical.Finding the right model for app monetization is very important. You should access your goals and improve the business outcome gradually....