Top 5 Tips for Hiring Best PHP Developer

Nov 07, 2015
A PHP web developer can be one of the most critical resources for your website. Remember, this person will be the driving force to transform your idea into a fully functional scalable website. This person will create the online brand of your business that will allow you to connect with customers in the highly competitive virtual world.So, it’s extremely important that you hire best PHP developer. It is also important to get it right the first time. There is no room for complacency; otherwise you risk your business and money. It is not just about code or technology, it is about selecting a strategic partner who understands your business and shares the same passion for your business model.This article will list critical pointers that will help you identify and hire the best PHP developer for your project.1. Don’t ask stereotype questions   You are ready to interview PHP programmer and got a list of question ready. That’s about the right approach, but no stereotype questions. Questions like what was PHP’s release date or who rewrote the parser that formed PHP should be avoided. These are not the questions that will help you gauge the right PHP developer. You need to test knowledge about PHP rather than run a memory test. Don’t ask questions that can be easily searched online.Ask questions to test the technical prowess such as:
  • How do you encrypt data using PHP?
  • PHP design patterns?
  • Describe your experiences with web services.
  •   2. Past Projects   While selecting a good offshore PHP development company or PHP developer, it is crucial that you check past projects. Ask for projects that are relevant to what you are looking for. Case studies and customer testimonials show that developers have worked with reputed companies and evaluate how good the company is. The reputation of a good offshore company will save you from hassles associated with quality and turnaround time. Also, interview and speak to the technical staff, project managers or POCs who will be handling your work so that you are comfortable with their abilities.3. Knowledge Base   Before you narrow down on the PHP developer, you need to evaluate the technical knowledge base. This is critical to ensure that PHP developers have the skills to deliver your project. You should also find out what type of training and ongoing classes PHP development company offers its employees to stay updated with technical trends and expand knowledge base. This is important to ensure that developers are up to date with all the technology advancements when building your PHP project.4. Check Communication Skills   Communication is the cornerstone of strategy. The developer must be conversant with various modes such as audio, video, web, phone and email messages. In some cases, communication between the developer and business owners over Skype or messaging apps turn out to be an effective alternative compared to lengthy emails. If you prefer to talk to a real person rather than type out lengthy emails, you need to choose a developer who is equally at ease in communicating over phone. It is also important to know whether a PHP developer is comfortable in following instructions in English.5. Attitude Matters   While skillsets matter a lot, attitude can be a deal maker. Hire a PHP developer who can adapt to changing situations easily. The easiest way to find out whether someone will adapt to new scenarios by learning technologies is to find out by asking following questions: Where do you learn new tips and tricks about PHP or Did you attend and technology event or seminar?Conclusion   Don’t shy away from asking questions and clarifying points to avoid ambiguity. When you’ve made up your mind to hire PHP developer, you should mention details in contract and get it signed. Ensure to list the milestones detailing cost breakup to avoid confusion in future. All the terms and conditions should be crystal clear.
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    Hiring Professionals – Successful Concept from Offshor

    Jul 04, 2009
    News of outsourcing the IT projects not so doddering for the online business market and now another adjoining advantage of hiring the individual developer or IT professional sounds interesting.Scanning the internet with word “hiring” comes out with thousands of advertisements results on your screen. You can easily access the more information by just sending an email to the advertiser; you will be able to get all the details for proceeding forward.Nevertheless it’s far much better approach for the outsourcing companies hiring team or individual software developer to get release from the heavy work loads of their existing IT projects or if they are into any other business and required for the IT services. It is really beneficial as it saves the money if you have some small portion to complete or to integrate some extra in the existing project.Offshore companies are staffed with talented professionals; you can get professionals for all programming languages prevailing in the IT market. Outsourcing firms can easily get PHP, .NET and all open source languages specialists, they are available to work only for outsourcing firms, and just you have to choose from them which ever suits for your business.Advantages are countless of hiring special IT professional for your business, as you can contact him according to your set schedule of timing and it helps you make it complete in the time. Hired dedicated developer works only for your project and delivers his/her total concentration on your project.Whole Dedicated team of professionals sounds great for the bigger projects, saves lots of time and extra expanses for the busy organizations. It seems much better idea then putting up extra unit for the extension of work also saving of over heads of business such as building, staff, infrastructure etc.Any time Technical support specially for you, conversation with the single person helps to maintain mutual understanding that ultimately helps to get productive results for your project.Timely completion of the project is most attractive element of the concept that is foremost requirement of any outsourcing firm.Over all its great working with the professionals from different culture which adds more productive experience for your business as well as social & cultural development between two different communities....

    Glance over rising concept of Offshoring IT requirements to

    Business has become much faster as technology development and integration of the technology in the process of business development all over the world. Not only giant players as well small and medium sized organizations have adopted the concepts of offshore outsourcing. On the other hand offshore development centers or also posse’s favorable conditions for the easy delivery of the services.In this developing environment of the business world, India is booming at higher speed in providing the IT services to outsourcing firms. Basic reasons can be judged easily as Internet and other modes of information are providing large data in this regard, it is very interesting to see the different ways of providing services and more customized environment in providing services to outsourcing companies has been created by the Indian companies engaged in this business.

    Power of India

    India is rich with knowledge base community working in this sector, qualified business development professionals with great sense of international business environment, good and impressive communication and presentation skills of the professionals are pulling the business from the developed nations.Engineering education system of India providing the talented professionals for serving the sector regularly which is creating more favorable environment for the fast business development of offshore IT services. Suitable geographical locations of India also open doors for outsourcing firms from all over the sphere.

    Changed trends in providing IT services

    New forms of the business presentations inviting the outsourcing firms from all over the world such as companies have started providing IT services on Project Basis and Hire Basis. This rule of providing IT services has become beneficial for both the parties engaged in the business.There are many outsourcing companies are large in size and having big projects to undertake which demands for highly professional developers to work on the projects for the long period of time. Due to heavy expenditure in setting up new extra unit, new staff, suitable infrastructure for the project, most of the companies use to prefer outsourcing the whole project to any offshore IT service provider company.Provision of the Hiring individual developer and team of developers have opened new avenues for the outsourcing companies, offshore service providing companies are offering both such as project basis services as well as hiring the developers from their talented pool of professionals.Concept of hiring developers has taken rise recently in the field offshore-outsourcing business, outsourcing companies giving preference to get the work done faster and in the budget. They want to hire only required amount of professionals according to the need and offshore service providers offering flexible timings and prices for hiring the individual professionals as well as team.Web development companies from India are providing technical professionals in such a way that can suit according to the requirement such as PHP developers, .NET developers, ASP.NET developers, ROR developers, Open source developers, Website Designers, Java Developers and Coldfusion Developers.All the developers holds the proficiency in their respective fields and use to keep themselves updated about continuous international developments in the technologies. They have adopted the concept of hiring fully and flexible with needs of their clients....

    Bring Dynamic Visibility to Business Website using ColdFusio

    Jul 03, 2009
    Hiring ColdFusion web developer from web Development Company is the best choice if website demands for dynamic presentation. In the world of web development ColdFusion is performing since last many years, it was introduced to the world of website development in year 1995 by JJ Allaire. At present, web world is enjoying its latest version of Adobe ColdFusion 8.0.1.Developers are adding value to the features of the ColdFusion for the last many years and no one can deny from the productive results in website development. It is very obvious since it was invented long ago developers has gained the valuable expertise in using ColdFusion in the web development work. Hiring ColdFusion developer from web development company provides professional exposure to project and most of the developers have years of experience in developing dynamic websites using this mature language.There are some of reasons for popularity of ColdFusion programming language among developers such as : ColdFusion offers creating dynamic applications but in very simple way as developing static pages. However, development of applications in ColdFusion allows introducing unbelievable range of functionality.Application developed by using ColdFusion is collection of pages like static website. Easy development of content (pages developed in ColdFusion application consists of HTML & server-side ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) which allows to control the behavior of application as well as allows the integration of number of server technologies for producing the content dynamically which is returned ultimately to web browsers)ColdFusion developers love this programming language because of its ultimate feature of compatibility with other programming languages such as ColdFusion & Java and ColdFusion & .NET. While in compatibility process Java’s various libraries & classes can be used with code of ColdFusion for the application development.Companies use to prefer hiring ColdFusion developers for the professional development of web pages because it is supported world widely by separate active community to help on the critical technical issues. Since developing dynamic websites at domestic level could be risky, availing all the features perfectly and error free development of website is a critical issue, which could make bad impressions for the goodwill of any professional company on the internet.Conclusively a professional developer possesses years of experience in developing dynamic websites in other languages also and he can apply smart technical work while using core language (ColdFusion) for producing dynamic web pages....

    Assurance of Technical Accuracy in Websites

    It’s not just a matter of saving time & money to utilize in the core business. However, adopting concept of Hire ASP developer is a sensible decision for getting job done dynamic with powerful and potent web page development work, perfectly under professional jurisdiction as it requires highest level of accuracy. As receiving & delivering the information online is done through several IT tools such as websites, portals, templates, and many more. Developing these essential tools for the transfer of information by using various programming languages is critical if not done perfectly. Inaccuracy in development of these may cause unwanted hassle for users and further this could lead to data losses and ultimately effect negatively to business.Professional expertise is very necessary in the highly competitive world for technically sound development of IT tools. For instance, from the pool of various mature programming languages ASP is widely used in web world for the development of dynamic websites for the last many years. Using ASP programming language for the development of dynamic websites is critical if not done professionally because making the transfer of information technically requires error-free process.Active server pages are well-known as ASP, this technology widely used by the developers for producing interactive & dynamic web pages. By using server side scripting, these active server pages make dynamic web pages, which can run on any type of browser on internet. For writing active server pages (ASP) VBScript scripting language is used by most of the developers though JavaScript is also can be used. For viewing web page on any browser, the web page must be requested by server which assists active server pages.As soon as browser requests for ASP file, then (IIS) internet information system use to transfer the information to ASP engine, further engine reads or interprets the ASP file and executes the scripts. Ultimately ASP file again visits to browser in simple HTML format. Even though reading this process looks easy but important is what, how accurately & productively we do for our online presentation and expert ASP developer can do it perfectly. There are various advantages of using ASP that makes it unique among other technologies such as:
    1. Dynamic amendments
    2. Modification or inserting any content of web page
    3. Provide more speed then other technologies
    4. Highest level of security & safety of data because browser cannot visualize ASP code
    Taking services of professional developer for developing active server pages for dynamic presentation of your data on the internet can enhance the traffic generation intelligently....