Tips for Apple Watch App Development

May 03, 2017
According to CSS Insight's global wearables forecast, sales of wearable will jump from 29 million units in 2014 to 172 million by 2018. Juniper Research predicts global revenues from wearables reaching an all-time high of $53.2 billion by 2019, a nearly 12-fold increase compared to 2014. Apple released its Apple Watch smartwatch in 2015 and it is redefining the power and reach of wearable technology. If you are taking a plunge into Apple Watch app development, here are few pointers that will help you leverage the power of Apple Watch.

Go Minimalistic

Remember, minimalistic design is the key to Apple Watch design and development. Stay above the clutter and keep the use of graphic elements to the bare minimum. Real estate screen space is premium: so don’t clutter the screen space. Think in terms of characters to persuasively display impactful content that users will connect with just one look at their wrists.

Don’t create replica of iPhone app

Remember, creating a replica of iPhone app is not the right strategy. Think about designing your app from ground up. Don’t forget the screen size of Apple Watch. It is important to focus only on essential elements which accentuate on Apple Watch screen and highlight on core functionality. You can use the entire space of the screen, edge-to-edge. There is no need for margins, as the wearable’s bezel provides the much needed visual padding.Your app should not be like an app designed for a smartphone or tablet: it has to be truly modified and adapted to be used on a wearable device.

Glances and Actionable Notifications

Glances and Actionable Notifications display only glimpses of information on the Apple Watch. A Glance provides context-driven overview of app content. The only interaction available is tapping on the notification to open the app to the appropriate screen.Notifications goes a step further by providing text and app icon. Users can activate the long notification by keeping their wrist raised or interacting with the screen. Long notifications provide additional information and optional actions (like a dismiss button). Like the Glance, users can tap on the notification to open the app and view a screen of the developer’s choosing.

User Interfaces on watchOS

Apple Watch comes about as one of the most personalized device ever. This makes designing Watch app one of the most challenging tasks. User interface for Apple Watch needs to display information effectively, quickly as well as facilitate seamless navigation and interactions. In order to create such kind of interface means you need custom approach and not just porting your existing iOS app behavior over to Apple Watch.

Make Apps Contextual:

Apple Watch apps needs to anticipate the user’s needs and the best way to achieve this goal is to ensure that the information on screen is highly relevant and contextual. Your app should take complete advantage to update information, use background to get new data, and update complication or refresh snapshot. The custom notification interfaces include common actions to handle most frequent tasks without opening the app.


Apple Watch’s guidelines for developers advise that interactions with the device should be limited to 30 seconds or preferably less. With just a raise of the wrist, users can receive and respond to notifications, the challenge has a lot to do with the ability to seek simplicity. Developing for Apple Watch means providing app users with helpful and impactful information in the most convenient way...

Advantages of Mobile Application for Small Businesses

Nov 15, 2016
How much dependency do you have on mobile phones? The answer cannot be quantified, which means the amount of dependency is too large to be measured in units.According to the latest survey by Gallup,people check their mobile phones at least once in an hour for some or the other work.Reasons for Small Business to Invest in Mobile Apps:1. Usage and Impact of Apps in Everyday Routine:Have you ever wondered what do people use the most in mobile phones? Is it camera, maps, applications, gallery or music player? The answer is obvious and quite predictable: applications. This is because the world of apps has becomes so large that anything to everything is now possible on mobile phones with an appropriate app.2. Ubiquity of Mobile Apps: Be it booking a flight ticket, hotel room, table at a restaurant or shopping for clothes, footwear, medicines or grocery, you can do so with few taps on mobile phones. These trends are an alarm towards increasing usage of mobile apps and growing field of mobile app development.Why do Small Business Owners Hesitate in Getting an App Developed?There are multiple reasons why it is tedious for small businesses to come up with an app:
  1. Lack of technical knowledge and skills required to build a mobile app
  2. Designing an app that is appealing as well as useful to end users
  3. Inculcating all necessary features in the app while keeping it user-friendly and simple to use
  4. Overhead of developing apps for multiple platforms: iOS, Android and Windows
These are obviously not small obstacles to ignore, but consulting a well-known mobile app development company India brings down all these problems by providing a convincing and profitable solution.A well conducted research and proper guidance by top app developers is the key solution to underlying problems of building a business mobile app.Benefits with Mobile Apps1. Stay Connected with Customers in Real TimeApps being available through mobile phones and these gadgets being a quintessential item and carried everywhere, it is the best medium to reach out to customers anytime. Any sort of information or update can be broadcasted to your set of audience easily with real time notifications.What’s more is that you can be assured of getting the attention span of people as notification from apps usually are taken seriously and read.2. Increase Brand RecognitionYour business app is in front of eyes whenever the user unlocks screen of mobile phone. This means it is noticeable all the time and in memory of user deep inside. Whenever similar type of need arises, he/she can immediately relate you’re your business via that app.This eventually leads to your brand promotion by increasing awareness of your business among targeted audience.3. Increase Customer LoyaltyOut of many ways to promote your business including Facebook ads, banners, newspaper ads, selling coupons, email marketing, developing an app and making it available to Android, iOS and Windows user is a genuine and sincere approach. The noise of promotions and marketing eventually leads to losing of impact of business on customers. In such times, a mobile app is a way to make true connection with your audience and connect with them in a sensible way while being just a fingertip away.ConclusionThe cost to develop an app should be thought of as an initial investment that can reap fruitful results for businesses in future. No matter whether you own a small or enterprise level business, mobile app would add value to your existing business by its easy reachability and faster adoption rate....

Role of Swift in Enterprise App Development

Jan 06, 2016
Role of Swift App Development in Enterprise Banner
Swift is the future of iOS app development. Ever since its launch, Swift has been the topic of discussion. More and more developers & companies are turning to Swift which is considered to be future of enterprise app development. Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language specifically for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS and known to provide immersive, responsive and secure enterprise applications.With Swift, writing code is interactive and fun. The syntax is concise and apps run fast. Swift empowers apps for mobile devices and Macs. The fact that contributes to the popularity of computer language is that Swift is open source. Now the entire developer community can contribute to the programming language.Advantages of SwiftiOS brings numbers of features that popularizes Swift application development:
  • Advanced error handling model provides clear, expressive syntax for catching and throwing errors.
  • New Objective-C features such as generics and nullability annotation to make Swift code even cleaner and safer.
  • Built-in availability checking to make it easy to build the best possible app for each target OS version.
  • Swift eliminates entire classes of unsafe code.
  • Features to make your code more expressive.
  • Using the incredibly high-performance LLVM compiler.
  •   The Power of Open SourceSwift is developed in the Open Source at The source code, bug tracker and mailing list are available to everyone with regular updates. The strong and powerful community of developers are collaborating together to make Swift more powerful and amazing to use. Swift already has support for Apple and Linux with more platforms in pipeline.   ModernSwift combines latest research on programming with extensive experience in building Apple platforms. APIs in Swift are easier to read and maintain with a clean syntax. Codes are less prone to mistakes due to inferred types. Memory is managed automatically, which makes this language fun and easy-to-use.   Robust and FastEver since its conception, Swift was built to perform fast by using the high-performance LLVM compiler. Swift code is transformed into optimized native code to leverage the power of modern hardware. The syntax and standard library have been refined to make the most obvious way to write your code also perform the best.Considered a successor to both the C and Objective-C languages, Swift includes types, flow control, and operators. It also provides object-oriented features such as classes, protocols, and generics which provide Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers the optimum performance and power needed.   Objective-C InteroperabilityWhether you are looking to create an entirely new application in Swift today or implement new features in your existing app to enhance the functionality, Swift can come to your rescue. Swift code can co-exist with Objective-C files in the same project, with full access to Objective-C API, making it easy to adopt.   Syntax ImprovementsNew syntax features allows writing expressive code and at the same time maintains consistency across the language. The SDKs have employed new Objective-C features to make Swift code even cleaner and safer.   Swift & Enterprise Application Development: Making the connectionWith Swift creating new waves, where does it leave enterprise app developers? Apple CEO Tim Cook refers Swift as the “the next big programming language,” developers will be building apps in “the next 20 years.” Now that’s a remarkable statement coming from Tim Cook. The true power comes from the words Open Source. Due to the simplicity of Swift compared to Objective-C, mobile app developers’ ability to create highly relevant and contextual apps increases by a great deal.   Businesses can utilize features in iOS apps to accelerate employee productivity and streamline processes in years to come. Swift provides the iOS app development community a whole new world of opportunities to influence a programming language that will be primarily used to create enterprise apps and apps that support Apple Watch.
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    Why Shift to SWIFT for iPhone Apps Development

    Dec 04, 2015
    Swift programming language, coming from the stables of Apple Inc. has brought in a new lease of life for iPhone app development - redefining the way enterprise mobile apps are built. Not only is it a “huge leap forward for the iOS ecosystem”, as quoted by Apple CEO, Tim Cook; Swift offers developers more opportunities to build apps using the latest technology. (more…)...

    Codeless Mobile App Development Tools: Does It Work?

    Oct 06, 2015
    One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today is the cost and time required to build mobile apps. After all, reaching out to your audience anytime, anywhere is crucial. However, learning a specific language for each platform can turn out to be a mind boggling task and add significant pressure on resources. And it is not just about learning new technologies; cost for deploying app for a particular platform could be an expensive proposition.But that’s going to change. If you have an app idea and don’t know how to code, it doesn’t matter anymore. Codeless development tools are gaining popularity. There are several cloud-based services that allow you to build mobile app with just a drag and drop interface for different platforms. You will be able to develop an app even without writing a single line of code.With codeless app development tools on their side, staff or users with very little app development experience can easily use drag and drop interface to add features without a single line of coding – including maps and Geolocation – into a mobile app.   Advantages of Drag and Drop Codeless ToolsFast Time-to-marketThe primary benefit of using codeless tools - no knowledge of complex code is needed. You don’t have to be a coding geek. Even non-technical staff can get involved in development of apps.If you want to streamline a manual or paper-based process and have an idea for an app that can help overcome the problem, your team can simply drag and drop to create a mobile app to address the problem. These codeless tools allow experienced app developers to totally focus on business apps that play a critical role in improving company’s revenue generating capabilities.Simplicity & Scalability The sheer simplicity of drag-and-drop tools means you can experiment and create prototype to promote your ideas. It allows organizations to test several concepts and check feasibility of mobile initiative to garner interest and support of senior management. Most tools also have the option of easy integration of cloud services. So you don’t need to worry about scalability.Reduced Development Costs Cost of app is directly proportional to complexity. Codeless tools allow companies or brands to get an app on different platforms without investing in a team of developers for a particular platform such as Android or iOS. In fact, even non-technical staff can work on the app.   Codeless Development: On the Flip SideTools are restrictive: Codeless tools allow use of tools and suites limited to the software in a predetermined manner. This might invariably lead to ignoring the preferences of users.Inefficient code: As developer will not be working in a platform's native language, the performance of the final code will be determined by the efficiency of the tool. This may result in inefficient coding that an experienced developer might not use.   Native Apps vs. Codeless App Development There is no denying that native apps rule as they are written for a specific platform. They can take advantage of operating system features typically installed on that platform. Native apps can leverage the device-specific hardware and software, which effectively means that native apps can take optimum advantage of the latest technology on mobile devices.For very simple apps codeless tools might work. However, what about the extremely complex and enterprise-level apps? Can the complex apps be developed with zero code? In case of enterprise-level apps, outsourcing to a leading mobile app development company seems like a feasible option.It still looks like native apps rule all the way when it comes to power and performance in enterprise level or apps demanding complex functionality.   Which Option Works for You?There is no magic formula and it completely depends on your business objectives. Before you begin with the app development process, it is important to analyze and ask questions.
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the technical strength of your development team?
  • Which platform do you want to target?
  •   Both native and codeless app development come with their strengths and drawbacks. It is up to you to decide which option works well for you.  ...

    Top 5 Practices for iOS 9 App Development

    Sep 23, 2015
    iOS 9 brings the focus back on “refinements” at every level. The latest operating system is not a complete overhaul, rather focuses on improvements that takes user experience to the next level. It is about stable performance and reliability. The core focus is to allow users to do lot more in their day-to-day lives.Released on September 16, iOS 9 has already crossed the 20% adoption rate threshold. In contrast comparison, it took Android 5.0 Lollipop nearly nine months to accomplish the same feat.Given the relatively high adoption rate, it is about time for app developers to change gears and update their apps to leverage iOS 9’s host of new features such as Spotlight search, a much more proactive SIRI, multitasking on iPad, and support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.   1. Search APIsThe Search API is one of the most significant improvements for developers in iOS 9. Now with this feature, users can enter terms into iPhones or iPads and apps will show relevant results. This is a very helpful feature as it eliminates burden from users to find out top app they might be looking for. The new search API will offer developers deep linking feature that will be able to easily get search results from third-party apps with just a tap.The three main features of new search APIs are:
  • The NSUserActivity class, which is mainly designed for viewed app content
  • The Core Spotlight framework, which is primarily for app content
  • Web markup, designed for apps with content reflected on a website
  •   Deep linking feature allows users to access the content they are searching for without the need of opening separate apps to access content. This new feature brings users to the content.   2. 3D TouchApple recently launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in its annual September event. With the arrival of Apple’s latest new gadgets, developers can now take advantage of the new 3D Touch features that adds an entire new perspective to UI.This feature senses how deeply you press the display and lets you complete essentials tasks quickly and in an effortless manner. 3D Touch introduces Peek and Pop which lets you preview and act on all types of content - without the need of actually opening it. When you decide to open content, just press a little deeper to Pop into what you are peeking.Developers can take advantage of the new feature with a very simple API as a new property in UITouch. A UITouch object represents the location, size, movement, and force of a finger on the screen for a particular event.This API capitalizes on the possibility of new functionality in apps, such as additional control options fine-grained control or alternative to the tap-and-hold.In addition to the UITouch APIs, Apple has also provided two new sets of classes adding 3D Touch functionality to apps: UIPreviewAction and UIApplicationShortcutItem.UIPreviewAction allows to present content in a preview action or peek quick action when a user swipes the peek upward. This new way unlocks a world of new possibilities by allowing a quick glance at app-specific content, such as email, images, or even websites.UIApplicationShortcutItem objects offer an incredible new feature on the iOS Home screen, offering users quick access to parts of application directly from the device's home screen. Overall, the introduction of 3D Touch presents a new age of interaction with iOS apps.   3. App ThinningThis is a biggie for developers. App Thinning optimizes the install of iOS and watchOS apps to use less device space. With App Thinning, users will only download parts of the binary relevant to the user which primarily depends on the device used.App Thinning has three main components:
  • App Slicing: Slicing is the process of creating and delivering variants of the app bundle for different target devices.
  • On Demand Resources (ODR): Resources hosted by the App Store that can be accessed after the user has downloaded the app.
  • Bitcode: Incorporating Bitcode allows Apple to re-optimize the app’s binary in the future without having to submit a new version.
  •   4. Contacts APIApple has finally provided a full object oriented API via two new frameworks: Contacts and ContactsUI, replacing the Address Book and Address Book UI frameworks. This new API is relatively easy compared to the old approach.   5. App Transport SecurityWhether you are creating a new app or updating your existing iOS app, you should adopt App Transport Security (ATS) that applies best practices for secure connections between an app and its back end. ATS is easy to adopt and prevents accidental disclosure.If you’re developing a new app, use HTTPS exclusively. If you have an existing app, use HTTPS as much as possible right now. Also, try to come up with a plan to migrate the rest of your app quickly.Got an iOS app idea, but don’t know where to start? Take a step in the right direction; get in touch with us now. You can discuss with our expert iOS app developers for a free quote....

    6 Important Features of Upcoming iPad

    Oct 22, 2013
    People are very curious to know the features and specifications of upcoming apple tablet iPad 5. The enhanced elements in new tablet is expected to give a great performance in terms of the removal of hindrances faced in iPad 3 or iPad 4.

    iPad 5 Processor :

    As we have seen A6X processor system-on-chip in iPad 4, we can assume that iPad 5 will come with further advanced processor that is, may be A7X processor. To cope up with the feature of Touch ID fingerprint scanning A7X processor should have uprated resistance in order to support better graphical processes that the new iPad has.

    iPad 5 Design :

    Tactus from accessory development department of Apple corporation took first snapshot of the new iPad 5 case and posted on his blog. Though there is not much special about the snapshot, it seems that it will it says that it will possess narrower bezels in order to make it more thinner in comparison with earlier tablets. iPad 5 would be styled in order to match the design of iPad mini.

    iPad 5 Screen :

    Apple experimented the first time to produce a tablet with high resolution screen. After that Google Nexus followed the same concept and gave tough competition to Apple in terms of screen resolution. The original size of iPad 5 screen would be 9.7-inches.With a view to implement Retina display the screen resolution would be 2048 x 1536 that means pixels can not be viewed from a particular distance.

    iPad 5 Size :

    From the leaked pictures of iPad 5, it can be observed that it may come in Space Grey. Also, its weight would be lighter and the process for supplying power to the screen's brightness must be by removing LED light bars.This would result into prolonged battery life and therefore the battery bar would be thinner.

    iPad 5 Specifications :

    The iPad 5 is likely to be a device more lighter slimmer and narrower with smaller bezels. The major upgradation and prime focus while producing iPad 5 according to the latest news are:
    1. A7X Processor
    2. Sharp IGZO panel
    3. Storage Capacity from 16GB to 128 GB
    4. Camera from 5MP to 8MP
    5. Slimmer LED Back-light

    iPad 5 Price :

    Though there are rumors that Apple will drop the cost of iPad 5, it seems the pricing will be in accord with the earlier versions of its other gadgets. If at all the price drops, the main reason seems to be their intention to terminate iPad 2, as quoted by IB Times. iPad 5 would probably cost :
    1. 16GB iPad 5 - US$499 (£399, AU$539)
    2. 32GB iPad 5 - US$599 (£479, AU$649)
    3. 64GB iPad 5 - US$699 (£559, AU$759)
    4. 128GB iPad 5 - US$799 (£639, AU$869)
    Now, Apple is on countdown mode of releasing its new tablet iPad 5. We look forward to the clues turning into the facts along with the use of iPad 5.For iPad Applications development visit:

    Must Have Android Apps For Twitter Users

    Oct 04, 2013
    Twitter has significantly changed the global scenario of social networking through smartphones. There are over a million Twitter apps available at the app stores. With so many Twitter apps in the market, it can be a challenge to find one that fits all of the needs of a user.Most of these apps utilize all of Twitter’s features, but they do so in different ways, both aesthetically and technically. So here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Twitter apps available for the Android platform.


    This one is a simple app with an easy-to-use and quite sophisticated user interface. It has almost all the features that a Twitter user may be looking for. This lightweight and well designed app has a superb set of features ranging from tweet filtering to Geo-tagging with Map preview to color labels to mark tweets from all important people.It has been designed to display as much of the user's timeline on the screen as possible. It allows customizing the display as per user preference, and is lightning fast in operation. The app has already been downloaded over 5,000,000 times and has almost 50,000 reviews (rated as 4.5/5 stars) at the Google Play store.


    This app is ideal for people who use social media a lot and have multiple accounts to keep track of. The app enables managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other social networks from the same interface. It is known for its auto-tweeting facilities. Moreover, it features a built-in link shortener service.Its column-based layout can be customized as per user preference and the tabbed interface just adds to the convenience. It is an extremely solid app with a cool and dynamic user interface.


    Those who like the plain and simple layout of the official 'Twitter' app will love this app as it has a similar simple and pretty layout. It offers a ton of filtering and customization options, and even has a similar color-coding system like Twicca. It supports multiple accounts, tablets, and has a great widgets and looks sharp.It also has the capability of showing the Facebook feeds. There is a bar at the top of the screen with buttons to refresh the feed, compose messages and access settings. By swiping right from the feed column, a vertical menu is displayed that allows easy access to search, favorites, trends and lists.The app also allows adding columns based on hashtags, mentions, favorites and more. The popup for Tweeting outside the app looks like it was designed with precision.


    One of the best features of Tweetcaster is its ability to 'zip' tweets. Zipping tweets allows hiding the tweets of some specific people without the need to unfollow them. This feature is useful when some people begin tweeting like a madman and it floods the user's timeline. So instead of unfollowing them, he can just zip the tweets of those people until the storm subsides.The app allows making updates to Facebook, but in order to connect the Facebook account to Tweetcaster, the user first needs to add a Twitter account, compose a tweet and then tap the Facebook icon that appears, thereby signing in.There is a 'speak to tweet' function that types the tweet just by speaking. The ‘Search Party’ function narrows down the search while finding a particular topic from among the millions of tweets. ‘SmartLists’ function easily lists and groups people as per user preference.There are numerous other Twitter apps also available at the Google Play Store. Some are nothing more than a Twitter RSS feed while some are really good. Here we have covered the most useful ones among them. So just give these apps a try and you will know how an Android app builder can help socialize your life in a better way.Visit for Android application development services....

    Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: Which One is Righ

    Jun 05, 2013
    When it comes to buy a new Smartphone, the first thing to decide is the operating system. We have so many platforms to choose from, that it becomes really tough to decide on one. These days, Windows Phone 8, and Android Jelly Bean 4.2 are the most popular mobile platforms. Both have their own special features. But which one of them is better? Continue reading, to find out.

    Areas where Windows Phone 8 is better:

    User Interface

    The user interface of windows Phone 8 is very simple, clean and easy to use. It enables easy customization of the home screen with the selected apps. Moreover, the size of the icons on the home screen can also be adjusted.

    Longer battery life

    Windows devices has always been known to have a good battery life. They have easy to close option, for the apps running in the background of the smartphone, in comparison to the Android counterparts. Furthermore, the Windows devices run on a dual-core processor, instead of a quad-core processors who have to work twice. So, generally, Windows Phone provides enough juice for the battery to last whole day long and sometimes into the next day as well.

    Social media integration

    Windows Phone 8 has an integrated address book called 'People Hub' pre-installed on it. It keeps the user updated with the social networks. All the updates are displayed on the home screen. As the social media integration is already built into the phones, there is no need to download apps like Facebook.

    Areas where Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is better:

    Language support

    The keyboard of a Jelly bean 4.2 device supports more languages than usual, now. The new additions include Hindi, Persian, Arabic, etc.

    Google Now

    SIRI, a voice assistant feature has been very popular among the iOS users. However, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has introduced Google Now, an app much like SIRI, yet better than it. This app can do the same thing as SIRI along with many other functional capabilities.


    Android clearly wins here, as it already has over 600,000 apps, while the Windows Phone has around 125,000 apps with nearly 25,000 being added every few weeks. Microsoft is trying everything hard to increase the app market.With the introduction of the latest windows mobile platform (Windows Phone 8) developers are moving to Windows phone 8 application development. Furthermore, many existing popular apps are being or ported to Windows Phone now, and that is a great benefit for Windows Phone 8 users.Both the platforms have been updated with impressive new features and got improvements in already existing ones. Many other changes are also being expected. So, it is difficult to choose one among them. The buyer can opt for one as per his requirements, like those looking for longer battery should go for Windows, and those who want more apps should choose Android....

    Superb iOS Weather Apps – To Stay Updated with Weather

    Jun 03, 2013
    It happens sometimes that we plan for a day out with family on a weekend, but cannot go out due to the unfavorable weather. Again, it is very common that we are on our way to office, and all of a sudden rain starts. Have you ever experienced the same? Then, download these apps on your iPad or iPhone, to make sure that the above incidents doesn't happen again.


    This one is among the most popular weather apps at the Apple app store. Its features include current weather, hourly forecasts and 15-day forecast. It has an amazing user interface, efficient functionality and is really easy to use. It even provides health forecasts that include weather conditions which may cause allergies, migraines, asthma like health problems.This app also enables checking the conditions at a friend or family members locality. The user just needs to pin the required contacts to the radar map to see the prevailing conditions of that place. One more special feature of the app is the ability to add the forecast directly to an integrated calendar so that the user doesn't need to open the app again and again to check the weather.


    This application provides the access to world's largest network of detectors for checking the weather phenomenon, alerts and more. WeatherBug provides the exact forecasts of user's nearby areas and across the world. The app helps the user by providing the rapid, highly advanced system, driven by the biggest weather forecast network.The updated UI of the app is equipped with a new slide-side navigation, live tailored tiles, added with various features, such as Spark lightning alerts and themes. Through the live Cams, the user can view live images from large number of weather cameras across the country. It further helps to get a better picture weather at destinations near or far away from his location.

    Yahoo! Weather

    This app use images from Flickr, and show photos of the user's area as the background, along with time of day and current weather of the area on the home page. In short, the default screen shows the weather of the current place at a glance. Moreover, there is a big temperature indicator for quick view of the prevailing weather.By simply scrolling down, the user can check nearly every detail about the weather including the daily forecast, the weekly forecast, an expandable radar map, wind and pressure, added with the time of sunrise, sunset and the moon phases. The navigation of the app is also very easy to understand.

    The Weather Channel

    This app has nearly every feature that a person may look for in an ideal weather app. It enables the user to glance at the hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day weather forecast and get quick access to Weather Channel local and regional video forecasts.Moreover, the app provides severe weather alerts and a dynamic map that could be used to check everything from rainfall to 'feels like' temperatures and the UV index. The new layout of the app offers an opulent home screen, adorned with a wallpaper matching the  current weather conditions (e.g blue skies, rain, and snow).So, get these superb apps, check the weather and plan your day out, with friends and family. You can also hire an expert iOS Apps developer to create more creative and unique apps exclusively for you....