Rich Internet Applications: A Brief Look

Jun 04, 2013
RIAs or Rich internet applications are the “Crown Jewels” of any browser. These applications help the developers to make a website more attractive, interactive and rich in features. RIAs runs on the user's web browsers in form of lightweight plug-ins and usually does not require software installation on the client side to work. Moreover, they are not only machine independent, but also capable of running over any operating system.We all know that an RIA runs inside any web browser. However, some of these applications work on some specific browsers only, and run preferably inside an isolated environment. Those special applications are called sandbox.This is done due to some security specific reasons, so that client systems don't get affected in case of some malicious program being associated with the application. This approach lowers the amount of client-server bandwidth traffic and resource usage. Therefore, these Internet applications are also known as thin clients.RIAs offer the best from both worlds: PC and the Internet. These applications are distributed online, and boast immensely rich user interactivity. An RIA can be developed using numerous popular tools like Ajax, Curl, GWT, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Java, JavaFX, Mozilla's XUL, OpenLaszlo, and Microsoft Silverlight. Similarly, Google Maps and Google Docs are also well known examples of RIAs.Rich Internet Application development has become the basic marketing philosophy for many businesses, looking forward to utilizing the Internet to the fullest for marketing their business. These applications are changing the rules of business promotion in the online world and giving the businessmen, a sharp edge over their rivals.The biggest benefit of RIA development is that the user can connect to a website and use the application of without installing it on the local system. This capability provides a lot of flexibility to the business processes.RIAs can change the way of doing business. The technology behind creating such applications can be easily understood and executed in order to develop useful web-based solutions. It will certainly improve the presence of a website over the Internet.In fact, many companies have already doubled their success by implementing rich Internet applications in their web operations. Nearly every type of applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, online games have been developed under RIA.In today’s business world, most of the companies look forward to acquiring the advantage of RIA technology. YouTube is one of the biggest examples of websites built with RIA technology (Adobe Flash and AJAX). RIA has a huge community of software developers and business people looking forward to use the technology for better results.These days most of the offshore development companies are offering RIA development services to their clients across the world. These companies also provide great support services after the project delivery.All these services can be availed at a fraction of the price of employing a full time web developer. Those who are looking for software solutions can outsource their custom web development project to these firms.For more info on RIA Development Go to:

Importance of Client – Server Architecture in Applicat

Jul 04, 2009
Growing impact of Client Server Model for the enhancement of online business have created potential demand of the client server based applications. For the interaction of the users with online business companies scattered over the net, client server based applications are playing a significant role. Millions of the people everyday interacts by the mode of these active websites for their respective interests.To know about the functioning of these websites over the net one should understand the client server model first, without the knowledge of client server model; non technical person cannot understand the importance of the client server applications.In the context of web, client server model is divided into web client and web server. In this model client is any web browser through which any information or query can be passed for the web server and server is supposed to answer that query.For instance, here client is the web browser and server is web server on World Wide Web, as soon as any user of the internet uses any browser for access of web page, then browser requests web page from server to display for the internet user. After receiving the request from web client, server use to send the webpage to browser for display to user.Rapid competition in the online business is attracting the big as well as small & medium online business companies to develop the applications by using client server architecture which provides quality communication environment between client and server.There are various characteristics of client-server architecture which makes the web communication easy via applications such as scalability which allows to scale clients and servers horizontally or vertically, communication through APIs (application program interfaces) & RPCs (Remote procedure call) and environment is heterogeneous and multivendor, client – server architecture provides combination of client which interacts with user & server that interacts with the shared resource, etc.In the present scenario of online business, growing demands of the online users for the business activities over the net requires, for the quick responses and quality services, which cannot be fulfilled by using the old concepts, methods and architectures of developing the web applications.Growing masses of Hi-Tech customers in the online business environment demand, for more interactive and attractive applications, error- free solutions. For the development of eCommerce websites and applications, client server architecture is used by the contemporary application developers.For the quality client server application development and professional assistance, business companies from all over the world prefers to hire reputed service providers, for the high level of business presentation on web and customer satisfaction....

Development of More Fascinating Communication Network with M

Jul 03, 2009
For the last many years mobile users are increasing at rapid pace! There are various devices available such as (PDAs) personal digital assistance, (EDAs) enterprise digital assistance, smartphones and cellphones or mobiles for the communication and for performing various commercial and social activities digitally.Nowadays communication is not only the purpose of the mobile user, there are various entertaining and business oriented activities possible by using mobiles.For extending the mobile usage more than communication, mobile applications are used in the mobile phones. So a variety of mobile applications are present in the mobile devices for the various activities like games, messaging, audio & video applications, calculations, travel, search, utilities etc.For the implementation of the new applications there are various technologies used by the technical experts of the mobile application development. In the field of mobile applications Java is the oldest technology which is preferred by the developers for the development. Other popular technologies for the development of mobile applications are J2ME, DOTNET framework and C++.Going more in technical terms there are various software platforms used by the developers for the mobile phones such as Symbian, JavaMe, Android, Lazarus, Python, Flash Lite, BREW etc. All these technologies are used for the graphical interface, unrestricted functionality, for full phone data access and for the best run time speed.According to market & technological experts near future will demand for more advance applications for use in mobile devices, which can fulfill the growing demands of the hi-tech users of the modern world. Mobile applications use to play big role to provide more flexible use of the mobile devices according to desire, these applications help in increasing features and functions.Applications added in the mobile devices help in adding value such as access any time & everywhere, finding user locations through GPS (global positioning system) tracking and various numerical tasks.For the successful and technologically error-free implementation of these applications is critical without technical expertise in mobile application development. Professional expertise services can be availed nowadays from the various globally active web development companies and other service providers.As nowadays in the field of mobile devices and in the communication network world various new inventions can be seen such as iPhone, iPods, Palm and PocketPC and related applications for implementing in these hi-tech devices.World is growing in fast communication network with additional attractive and more interactive features of mobile and other contact devices....