How to Create a Viral Loop that Can Drive Growth?

Nov 09, 2016
Organic methods of promoting services or products require patience as it takes a long time to get noticeable results. But, who has the time to wait so long while having the competitor running ahead at a faster pace? This is the age of cut-throat competition, where not utilizing every moment of time is equivalent to losing out to your competitor.Viral is the new fever that’s trending among web and mobile app development companies. Marketers are aware of the power of viral marketing, which enables them to implement it for the benefit of the company.What is Virality or Viral Loop?Viral loop, as the name implies, means rapid spread of news or information among a large network. Just as the virus infects a person and spreads among people who come in direct or indirect contact, viral marketing strategy uses the same concept to publicize a product or service at an unprecedented rate.Viral Loop Spreads as Fast as FireViral loop works like magic by reaching zero to hundreds to thousands to millions of users in very short time. Consumers become marketers for their own benefit, which eventually helps in promoting a product or service in a large network.Give Incentives, Get Double SalesWhy would some stranger promote your services if he/she does not have a profitable deal in return? One key to effective viral marketing is leveraging consumers with the best and irresistible incentives that are not just hard, but impossible to deny.Let’s consider examples of some popular give and get more viral marketing strategies that have worked wonders:
  1. Dropbox users are entitled to limited storage space, but have an option to upgrade the space with simple referral program. This referral program requires user to invite non-Dropbox user to sign up, which wins them an additional storage space of 500MB. Without paying a single penny, this referral program works in the benefit of user for expanding storage space. Such referrals help company in increasing its user base at a faster pace.
  2. Uber leveraged the power of viral marketing by offering one free ride to both referee and new Uber subscriber when signed up using referral code. This method created a buzz among city travelers and eventually almost everyone had Uber app installed in their mobile phones.
  3. Amazon is offering INR 200 referral bonus for inviting non-Amazon users to make a purchase of INR 300 or more. The new user also gets INR 100 off on next purchase with Amazon. Such deals are simply irresistible and compel audience to use them at once.
Offering incentives to people in favor back for promoting a product or service never fails, provided the deal is profitable for the consumer.Target Socialites: Provide Upgrade for Social Sharing Sharing of content, image or video socially is a good way to acquaint large number of people about it. Apart from sharing happening life events and opinions on social media, companies can target socialites to share about their product or service on largest social platforms and get rewards in return.One good example of this is Candy Crush game. This game is addictive and challenging at higher levels, which requires players to take help from fellow candy crush players to clear the level. In such scenario, game enables players to ask for help by sending out request for extra lives through Facebook. Thus, the game gets publicity on social platform without much effort.Use the Concept of Virality and See Positive Results Pouring InWe have discussed examples on how big companies used viral marketing for their benefit and got unbelievable results. When done wisely, this viral technique rewards with mind-blowing results. Now it’s your turn to get that fame with minimal efforts. Go for it!...