Material Design Lite: A New Framework to Create Material Des

Aug 11, 2015
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Google launched Material Design back in the year 2014, with the ultimate goal of providing guidelines for designing and creating beautiful UI across different device form factors.  In a bid to make things simpler, Google recently launched Material Design Lite.  It’s a library of front-end components that makes it easy to apply Material Design elements to standard old HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It’s a lightweight implementation of the Material Design with very few dependencies and is easy to install.  Now we understand where the word “Lite” comes from.According to Google’s blog post “It is framework-agnostic, meaning MDL can be used with any of the rapidly changing landscape of front-end tool chains. MDL has a low overhead in terms of code size (~27KB gzipped), and a narrow focus — enabling material design styling for websites.”You can use the components to develop web pages and web apps that are attractive, consistent, and functional. Pages developed with MDL adhere to web design principles like browser portability, device independence, and graceful degradation. Google is offering the Material Design Lite source code on GitHub to help you build your own version. (more…)...

Does “user-centric” mean “conversion friendly”?

Feb 23, 2015
Needless to say that there are several advantages of user-centered design for websites and apps. User-centric design is the latest buzz in the industry. The overall look and feel of your website or mobile app expresses your brand and the offerings. Your business would be greatly benefitted when you have user-centric design to deliver tangible results.The usability addresses the following questions:
  • Does the product help the user achieve the goals?
  • Can the user complete the meant task quickly?
  • Are the users satisfied?
  • Will the users prefer coming back?
Let’s explore the role of user-centric design:Effects of user-centric website or app on conversions:A well designed and user-centric website or app offers an enhanced brand experience to the end users and hence, assists in converting and retaining the clients. It keeps the users involved and engaged resulting in an increase in the conversions. User-centric functional sites increase the confidence amongst the users letting them know about your business. If a user experiences poor navigation flow through the website, he/she might leave the website or application and start looking for other competitors.Do you have an ecommerce website that sells products or services? It is very important that your website should be designed keeping in mind the targeted users. The visitors should be able to land up to the desired page with the minimum number of clicks.How to develop a user-centered site or app?The first and the foremost thing you should bear in mind is the navigation. You can plan out primary and secondary navigation, breadcrumbs, search functions, etc. Make the navigation easy to understand for the first time visitors.User-centered design bridges the gap between the business goals and the expectations of the customers. Any design process should keep in mind the targeted users. Good design that appeals the targeted audience makes the users feel good and they would start building trust in your brand. A positive user experience results in the repeat customers. Your business can also be benefited by word-of-mouth as it is a free advertisement for your company. When the customers would start developing trust in your company, the number of referrals would greatly increase.As you can see, there are multiple benefits associated with user-centric design. So, it is surely worth investing in user-centered design....

Designers Guide on Principles of UI/UX

Jul 17, 2014
Before knowing about the design it is very necessary to have an idea on how it would create an impact on the user. 1 trillion web pages are competing to attract their targeted audience through their designs. What are the principles to keep in mind while designing a web page that can bring more number of visitors.1. Look and Feel of the Design Generally, it is hard to remember the information on the web page in few seconds. However a design creates the feel over the user’s mind and remember it for a long time. Most of the designs are intended to win the hearts and create emotional effect.Design matters, with the majority amount of data that we are swimming in. On the off chance that you examine through today's interfaces, they consolidate more visuals, more story and more feeling giving reasons on why they matter in the ocean of contenders.2. Scan Web page Make your site that is easy to scan in light of the fact that clients don't read sites the way they read other material. Is it accurate to say that it is any miracle, why the utilization of infographics has gotten standard passage for anybody looking to pass on sets of information or directions? Examination demonstrates that "clients switch from filtering to the duplicate when web substance helps concentrate on areas of investment."For example, you most likely are not going to read this whole article, rather examine the features and make the plunge to the area that interests you.3. Make it Simple and Clear It takes 1 second for guests to choose whether they are intrigued by a site or not, so be clear with what message you need to reach out to your audience. Today's interfaces need 'favored movements' that are clear and wise to understand at a glance. Your audience does not ponder what you need them to do. For instance, it could mean centering visual consideration on one catch vs. four on your landing page.Consider what your web application can do to make it simple and user friendly. For instance, a structure can give default values most clients would hold fast to as opposed to giving each alternative accessible. A predictable configuration is really more straightforward for clients on the grounds that it re-utilizes parts, practices, shades, and stylish to diminish the requirement for clients to reconsider.4. Creative Designs with unique patterns Be cautious while designing new UI designs that are now usually well-known. You don't need individuals to consider where normal components are. Most interfaces, as of now be well known to clients.It may feel cool to do something non-customary, yet cool does not mean usable. A balance of “Ease of use” and “innovativeness” need to be maintained while designing a website.5. Easy navigation and Smooth Scroll Scrolling more vs. clicking again helps more to create an effective design. Individuals simply don't click as much we outline for. At the end of the day, the vast majority of us are searching for the most straightforward and quickest course to get what we require....

Build your Website with Flat Design

Jun 10, 2014
To build an effect of three-dimensional visuals had always been favorite choice of design in digital UI. With flat design, incorporation of this functionality have given aesthetic touch to the designing industry."Flat scales well to smaller screens," says Bradley Falk, CTO of New York City-based beauty startup Poshly, which revamped its website with flat-design principles. "This is because use of white space is important, but the buttons are uncluttered and big-easy to identify on mobile, faster to render and have smaller payloads. Flat really helps here, because I can spend less time designing pages specifically for a mobile device."In addition to its optimization for multiple platforms, flat design's clean, modern look is appealing to many businesses. But there's more to it than that, suggests Brian Casel, a Connecticut-based designer and entrepreneur. "I don't think that ‘going flat' should be the sole reason for a redesign. Flat-design techniques should be used to support a larger set of goals. Those goals should be about meeting the needs and wants of your users," he says.It is wise not to make objects animated while working with flat designs due to large images used in it. Generally, in  minimalist design, designers intend to give more space for content to convey the message in direct way.Several other trends have begun to emerge out of flat design: “almost flat design”, “long shadow design” and a re-emphasis on the always popular minimalist design.“Almost flat design” is based on flat design but may include some degree of minimal effect, such as a simple shadow inside of an element or basic gradient.“Long shadow design” is used almost exclusively for icons and is exemplified by an image within an icon frame that has a tinted area that extends from the image; long shadows typically fall at 45-degree angles and include the same characteristics the rest of the flat design scheme.Flat design has also brought an emphasis back to minimalist design, even for designers not using flat-style techniques. As part of the overall trend, there has been a re-emphasis on whitespace; color, sharp shapes and lines; and a return to simple and basic typography.When choosing a user interface kit, don’t get too hung up on color or color palette. Most kits include usable colors if you don’t have a palette in mind, but allow you to change the overall color scheme with just a few clicks. Save time by creating usable swatches before opening the kit so that you don’t have to type in manual color values for each change. Also consider using your color palette in the same way as the kit designer used the default swatches, mirroring color choices in tone, saturation and contrast for elements in the kit....

Screensaver Is Smart Job for Online Business Promotion

Dec 06, 2011
An active online businessman always uses innovative tools to stay connected with other companions and is on top active participation. One of the potential tools for creating attention is “screensavers” it’s a choice of smart businessmen to use it as promotional tool of business. The screensaver development is creative and technical job.Nowadays, 3d screensaver development and different attractive screensaver designs are getting popular created by smart 3d screensaver designers. Although web is full of various promotional tools, but the important is smart use of tools at appropriate time & situations.In the different online businesses, a businessman should know the optimum use of the things and art of taking advantage is smartness such as screensavers can be used in various ways. For instance many businessmen send free screensavers for joining their websites, gifting screensaver is a smart way of building relation and it works as promotional tool for the receiver as well as sender.Such small tricks do big works for online business that can’t be realized before implementation such as screen savers can help in improving corporate identity.Many big companies use screensaver typically to make corporate identity as they develop corporate themed screensavers, which helps the company in advertising their name and smart placement of company logo works as powerful advertisement of company products & services.Ultimately these kinds of moves help in generating complimentary revenues for company, moreover, screensavers are easy to distribute among customers as company allows free downloading, send through emails.Idea of making the screensaver as an advertising tool is great because there is no count, for how many times the screensaver will display on a single computer, it may be multiple times on single computer and thousands of times on computers.Businessmen can send messages, animations, and images directly to clients. To implement unique trick of using screensavers for business purpose will not be fulfilled until it is not designed & developed creatively.Making the screensaver according to company theme is critical but also complex if not developed professionally because using the appropriate (company theme oriented) animation graphics is very essential for creating the real effect of screensaver.Bringing out the real liveliness to screensaver is necessary because dull screensaver may not attract the masses and is unable to get place on thousands of monitors, then it may fail to work as perfect advertising tool for company.Professional creative designers can design the appropriate screensaver according to companies theme and real purpose.There are various web development companies active for rendering the customized services in development & design of screensavers, as there are wide range of screensavers can be designed such as 2D or 3D screensavers and there are thousands of categories are also available to choose best for business....

Smartly Improvise Selling on eBay Store and Auctions

Jul 04, 2009
eBay online mart is well-known among those who use internet for their various ventures and it requires preparation in form of self-assessment before entering in this ultimate platform for selling products to save themselves from losses. And if seller is already doing business on eBay, then there is a variety of services provided by the world’s one of the most popular buying selling online platform eBay such as eBay store design, eBay auction design, eBay design services etc.

Tips for the regular sellers

A regular seller should customize business on eBay by setting custom eBay Store Design, custom eBay Auction design and a custom website. eBay stores is the place which can be optimize by the seller as he wants, for making the eBay store more productive seller can avail the customized services from any eBay store designing company.For making the eBay store really a branded selling machine and pushing your business to next level seller should make it customize according to its business type & size.An eBay store holders should use all the modern selling techniques from appropriate logo to listing templates according to new eBay trends. As presentation is all about in the online selling and use of different selling techniques at regular intervals of time as well as store holder should not forget about most important aspect of online selling like optimizing the store for major search engines. Make your store such a capable or optimize it in such a way that can be found very easily on eBay searches.For not letting the competition ahead a potential & smart seller should use customized eBay Auction Design to impress the customer with own custom branding of products. Use custom marketing & promotional tools and automate your work for making eBay business a money generating machine.

Tips for the fresh sellers

According to experienced sellers and intellectuals of online selling confirms fact about the difference in regular selling and selling products by using eBay platform because every system follows certain set of rules & regulations for doing business. According to regular sellers on eBay, fresh sellers should be very conscious before entering on eBay for selling theirs products such as deep study of their own market.Fresh sellers must know about their customers well, to whom they are going to sell their products, their likings, their potential to buy and most importantly idea about their strength. Second most important aspect of selling on eBay is a correct product and complete knowledge of product to present and describe efficiently, try to deliver as much as information about product to convince the buyer for making purchase.Supplement product of your main product is another necessary rule of selling on eBay, up-selling is great sales technique if implemented correctly at right time. Cross-selling concept is also should be included in the selling process as it helps in attracting buyers for the extra benefits in form of extra services or additional product.Seller should know his/her financial limits before entering in such a high profile and mature online markets like eBay. Awareness about investment on the right place and at right time is essential to be at safer end such spending money on marketing & promotional activities is necessary within the financial limits.Research & development is very necessary before introducing yourself in standard online market like eBay. Anyone can extract information regarding selling on eBay or other popular online business platforms by reading the related stuff by the industry experts or regular online sellers. Internet is full of selling tips, guiding literature in form of articles, blogs, and tutorials, to sell productively on the online platforms.Finally, there is numerous web development companies can help in designing customized eBay store, customized eBay auction design and customized website for making the online selling smooth venture....

Multimedia Solutions for Effective Communicative Presentatio

Nowadays a businessman needs multiple tools to communicate & interact with all possible entities involved in business. Multimedia solutions are playing their role on every turn of business in different ratios according to business nature and its vertical & horizontal stretch.As business world includes different forms of the businesses and use of multimedia varies with a variety of business, according to their specific needs regarding presentation of goods, services and for information flow.From the bunch of multimedia tools, every business uses these tools for their specific requirements as multimedia is commonly used by the companies for marketing & promotional activities. For more clear and effective business presentations, multimedia solutions play a significant role in the world of business.Multimedia includes various tools of interactive and effective presentations such as audio-video, text, animations and various kinds of images. By using computerized and electronics devices the data can be displayed, accessed, played and recorded in multimedia, recently with the development in the field of information & technology multimedia solutions has become very popular among masses.Not only business field is beneficiated, multimedia solutions are playing significant role in various other platforms, where presentation and interactions are required at various levels. Local and global presentations by the use of multimedia tools and multimedia games development are also having great presence in the field of entertainment.Education is the sector which is enjoying multimedia solutions at advance level such as E-learning processes are greatly enjoying the multimedia tools for local and global education systems.With the help of Multimedia CDs or Flash Animations, anyone can express creativity and different ideas to interact with more & more people and convert them into potential customers for their business. With the help of business, corporate, educational and training compact disks presentation businessman can explain promotional and important business information to external customers and internal employees.In the web development area, flash animation is an interactive multimedia tool for the eye-catching presentations. Using multimedia websites is very fruitful in the online business, as integration of multimedia tools in the websites increase speed of interactivity with customers by using audio-video features, flash work, sound effects, animations, etc.There are various web development companies are providing multimedia solutions in form of  Flash Animation (2d Character Animation) work, Flash Application & Games Development, Logo Design Services, Brochure Design Services, etc. CD and DVD Media Solutions include CD-ROMS, DVD, iCards, iTickets and display solutions include Terminals, Kiosk / Touch Screens, Projectors, Plasma Screens and Tablet Pc’s.Multimedia solutions have brought revolution in the field of communication; interaction and presentation....

Improve Charisma & Eliminate Complexity in Websites by

In the website development, Introduction of CSS has made the efforts of developers quite easy of building the website smart by using colors fonts and layouts separately. In fact, CSS (cascade style sheet) is the language particularly designed to add style sheets in the document presentation.Commonly it is applied by the developers of the websites to add the styles in the web pages written in the HTML & XHTML for making them more attractive. CSS also can be applied to any kind of XML document for adding styles.The most vital advantage of using the CSS by the developers is that it helps in separating document of main content (written in HTML) from the document of presentation (written in CSS language); this separating advantage help developers to do the website development work more tediously and easy to understand.Separating the content document from presentation document help developers to improve the accessibility of content; it improves the control & flexibility for defining the specifications of presentation characteristics, it reduces the degree of complexity as well as structural content repetition.Using CSS in the website design & development has brought simplicity and time saving element for the developers. Earlier, website developers used to do long coding for adding style in each web page separately such as if website is having various web pages, then developers use to write code of styles in content of each page separately, which ultimately results in repetition and more complex code as well as time consuming.On the other hand, CSS needs to be implemented only once in code of the content, which automatically reflects in all pages, means developers need not to add the styles separately for each page. These CSS sheets has drastically reduced the complexity as well as saved the precious time.Simplicity in website development increases when CSS can be provided by various sources such as it can be either embedded in the HTML code as well as allowed to attach in the separate document from the main content.Multiple & different CSS can be embedded & attached and can be named like “external style sheets” (in form of separate document), “embedded style sheets” (blocks of CSS information inside HTML document) and inline style sheets can be added inside HTML code for specific element of web page. Moreover, simple syntax consists of various English keywords which specify various style properties.CSS specifications are maintained by popular W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which makes the CSS a reliable product for increasing style in the website development and there are various versions serving the global developers all over....

Importance of Projecting Corporate Identity Plan for a Long

Competitive business world is dangerous for the company, which does not make efforts for ascertaining its corporate identity. In the modern business environment long time survival is possible by only potential efforts for maintaining the goodwill in the business market, corporate identity is necessary for all types of companies prevailing.

All the big players as well small & medium sized companies use various corporate identity tools which helps them to make their presence live in the market.

Successful and smooth sailing of any company in the corporate sector lies on various tools and techniques of corporate identity. It is very natural if the business & common masses does not recognize you for your any achievement in business world how can any company grow and survive for long.

Appropriate and timely corporate identity activities or certain conducts are very essential to remain identical with the image in market as well as producing goods & services.

Projecting corporate identity in the disciplined manner helps organization for a long time survival in the market as well as creates successful business branding. Projecting corporate identity includes number of activities such as using corporate tools under the section of corporate designs, consistent corporate communication and healthy corporate behavior.

According to experts the term corporate identity has become international technique for the promotion of the companies and enhancing the corporate culture.

There are various corporate identity tools such as logos, brochures, uniforms, catalogs, letterheads, envelopes, business cards etc. Organizations in the corporate world uses these tools very commonly and it is very essential to use them at appropriate time, place and with proper planning.

Designing of these corporate identity tools should be according to the corporate nature and should be used under perfect corporate identity projecting plan.

For the optimum utilization of these tools company should design these tools under professional guidance to maintain healthy communication between internal and external corporate environment. Designing the corporate identity tools by taking help of professionals helps any company to maintain potential & strong recognizing image among other competitors of the market.

For the perfect corporate designing tools according to external and internal environment of the company, there is numerous web development companies rendering services in corporate identity designing. Before designing these tools, professional designers study internal norms, values and various other internal & external aspects of the company in order to design best tools.

Hence, professional corporate identity designing for any company helps the company for global appearance with the help of perfectly designed corporate identity tools.


Importance of Logo Designing for Symbolic Identification of

Immediate recognition is critical in the world of business and for establishing unique identity in the market; business organizations use various powerful symbolic terminologies. For understanding the logo and its role there are many ways to explain such as:
  1. In the matter of creating effective symbolic identification of any business Logos play a very significant role.
  2. Logos are corporate identity tool used by a variety of large and medium sized companies in the world of business.
  3. Logos are graphical emblem, icon, sign or symbol used for immediate recognition of any company’s commercial brand.
  4. Logos are generally responsible for the companies brand positioning in the masses as well as work as trademark of the company.
By the above-mentioned reasons one can understand or easily judge the importance of logo designing and the degree of complexity. According to experienced professionals in logo designing, logos should be designed with vector graphics for the required flexibility in the usage of same logo on different places.Different places such as small business cards, large billboards and even on website also, color combination & number of colors is an important aspect in logo designing; only two or three colors in a logo are most preferable by the professional logo designers.Simple & sober logos are more effective instead of complex designs which are hard to reflect the real & appealing business identification message.Customization in the logo designing is very significant in the field symbol identification. It is very essential to understand the requirements of the company to design the logo because it is not only the process of creative graphic designing in form of symbols, icons, signs and emblems.Custom logo designing is gaining popularity nowadays as numerous companies are interested in redesigning the logos in their own way which can create unique identity of brands, in the environment of changing philosophy of customers of the modern world.For the fulfillment of custom logo designing requirements in the business world there are various web development companies which are active with experienced, professional & creative logo designers. These logo designers are usually specialized in designing for providing corporate identity requirements of the companies from various industries of the world.They can provide more innovative modern designs, which are able to produce unique and immediate symbolic recognition for the company brands.Among various corporate identity tools, logo designing is having proven track record in providing symbolic recognition to brands in modern world of business....