Enterprises have a number of documents, records, images and what not- the content is large, unstructured and in varied formats. However, the traditional way of content management is not very successful to manage unstructured data given its inefficient process and high cost. Finding one particular document from a pile of content sometimes can be frustrating and even, impossible. Therefore, as an enterprise, you need a common system that can capture, store, preserve, control and manage entire information or simply Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Using ECM, specific documents can be made accessible to the defined stakeholders as per their roles. Content can be easily be viewed by the required personnel in order to create efficient collaborative information systems. This paperless information lifecycle management tool enhances efficiency of your business processes and curbs the cost significantly. We, at vedinfomedia provide you all these content management systems to streamline the information flow and ensure security. We mainly employ Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server and Alfresco enterprise content management systems to implement ECM solutions.

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  • Existing content infrastructure analysis
  • Enterprise content management consulting
  • Strategies to manage enterprise content
  • Development of enterprise content system that suits your business needs
  • Implementation and maintenance of ECM system
  • Assured security of content

Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Fast and high-performance information flow
  • Easy capturing, storage and management of data
  • Collaborative use of data
  • Well-defined and efficient business processes
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Paperless and uncluttered work

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